High School is the Best!

This past few weeks my high school classmates who studied outside are back in the city for vacation. And because we missed each other so much, we had several impromptu meet-ups where i have to leave work just to see this people. Whenever they call me that they are hanging out in Paseo, i don't have second thoughts to go there. These people are the most important friends because they were there during one of my most dramatic time of my life. High school was about self-discovery, change, development, maturity, growth and learning. Those days at RSHS are simply the best coz i could never ask for better friends who are caring, loving, smart, good-looking, fun and definitely a good influence. Leaving high school was bitter sweet. Now, we are all grown up with different walks in life but whenever we're together it's like being young again. I hope that there will be more days that we'll be together spending laughs and memories. To my HS friends and best friends, i love you and hoping the best in life.

Here are some photos during our mini-reunions last week. :D

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