Carl and Gladys Onsite

I just came from our first event this November. It's a video coverage for a wedding with onsite or same-day edit (SDE) video presentation. I did the editing for the onsite which came out okay. Well, it's an OK for me coz i wasn't really into it during the whole day. First, i woke up late. Then during the preparation, i was kind of "hands-off" in the direction. It's just awkward working with people nowadays. I was just watching them while shooting. Anyways, i don't wanna mess up so i just stuck to what was given to me, the editing of the onsite video. Last night i was searching for nice songs to use. We considered Katy Perry's "Firework" but they think its unfamiliar to people. So i searched late in the evening for new songs and, luckily, i found a perfect song that is not too upbeat and somehow romantic. The song is "Rhythm of Love" by Plain White T's. Anyways, i loved how they decorated the reception. So here is the onsite video.

Carl and Gladys
St. Ignatius Parish Church
Reception: Astoria Sapphire

Photography: Vista de Lente
Videography: Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions

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