Tilt-Shift Effect

Recently, i have been noticing a trend in photography that make photos look like a macro photography. I was really confused with what i have been looking at. I am not sure if its a miniature or just a camera trick by manipulating the use of lens. I did some research and i found out the this macro-esque look can be achieved by the process called tilt-shifting. Tilt-shifting is a technique that makes life-sized object look like a miniature giving an optical illusion similar to a macro photo. This can be done digitally. First the photo is taken in a perspective like how we see miniature models of houses. By tilting the camera or simply taking the shot in a higher location, we get a bird's eye view of the subject. Usually, tilt shift technique requires three parts - the background, the subject and the foreground. By blurring out the background and the foreground, the focal point is in the subject like what we do in macro photography. And to give it a freshly-painted miniature look, the saturation and contrast is increased. Instead of contrast, you can also adjust the curves. Here are some of my experiments using the tilt shift effect.

The red roof is the city's fire department.
I took these shots at the roof top of Marcian Business Hotel.

Firetrucks looked like toys right?

This is at the Canatuan Mining site which i shared in my previous post.

This technique really amused me. Here are some nice links that you can check out to learn more about Tilt-Shift Photography:

If you liked this post and you tried some tilt-shifting, i wanna see it! Just comment the link. I will really appreciate it! :D

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