Cirque du Bebe: Peter William @ 1

onsite video sde same day edit birthday 1st first vintage circus carnivale parisian theme
For the last time, i worked for Seed Interactive for an onsite video. I gave my word to Ma'am Aleli months ago that we'll do this onsite concept for her son's first birthday so I accepted this work. I love the concept which is vintage Parisian carnival which she dubbed as "Cirque du Bebe". As usual, she never failed to impress me with her event styling. I love every detail and you can see in the video how we interpreted the event.

The actual onsite video I edited is so short due to time restrictions. But Ma'am Aleli said that it was the video that she wanted. :D This is the final version which is edited by Mr Ryann Elumba. Congrats to Maam Aleli and Daydream Events for pulling off this event! And more importantly, Happy Birthday to her adorable son, Peewi.

Coordinator: Daydream Events
Videography: Seed Interactive Multimedia Production
Videographers: Murphy Garcia, Omar Amilbangsa, Ryann dela Cerna, Louie John Mutia
Editing: Cedrick Zabala (Onsite), Ryann Elumba (Final)

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