Build Back Better Zamboanga Logo Design

12:34 AM
So i was tasked to design the logo of the City Government's campaign "Build Back Better Zamboanga". Here's the process of creating the final logo.

1. Here are my two very different take on the Build Back Better Campaign. One is very colorful and the other is just a simple black and white typography. The second one was chosen.

2. I created a variety of designs. I gave different choices of fonts to choose from.

3. I also made a colored version of the variations. The chose the colors of the middle top but the "Zamboanga" of the top right.

4. More variations from the chosen color and font.

5. They want navy blue for the field and fuchsia pink for Zamboanga. I gave a variety of shades to choose from.

6. Final Logo :)

Germay and Rea SDE

12:15 PM
I really like the uniqueness of Germay and Rea's wedding. It's so hipster with all the Volkswagen Vans, cute letterings on stage and all the nitty gritty details that makes wedding a wedding. Better Days Events really stepped up their game in styling themed wedding and i believe this is their best one yet. The ceremony took place at the Church of Ebenezer Bible School, which is also our first time there. The place is so peaceful and big and the dorms look like old American houses. Anyways, check out Germay and Rea's SDE by Trebor Z AudioVisuals.

Germay and Rea Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH Ebenezer Bible School Chruch | RECEPTION Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City | PHOTOGRAPHY Roy Guilly | COORDINATION & STYLING Saym & Bylna of Betterdays | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio | FLOWERS Patti Mae | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z AudioVisuals | SHOOTERS Robert, Louie, Joana, Mark | EDITOR csz97

Support Education in Zamboanga Now!

12:14 PM
Here's an audiovisual presentation which I made for the Education campaign led by the City Councilors and Department of Education of Zamboanga City. Because of the September seige, many schools were destroyed and were used as evacuation centers for displaced families. Classes will be opened on June yet many schools in affected the barangays were not yet rehabilitated. We are still in need of more classrooms, desks, chairs, books and school supplies for the education of our young people.

Because of this rising concern, the council came up with this campaign to help inform people about the situation of the schools and how we greatly need their help. This is aimed to organizations and advocates of education who are willing to extend their support to our community. We hope that someday Zamboanga will find peace and will become a nesting ground for young minds to grow and would someday be the ones who will nurture future generations of youth.

Education AVP from Ced Zabala on Vimeo.

Dedicated to All Teachers and Students in Zamboanga.
Help our Children. Support Education Now.

A Project Initiative of Mayor Beng Climaco
Pedro Melchor Sadain, Joselito Fernandez and Gerky Valesco

Project Supervisors:
Michael Saavedra, Mike Rute, Meyer Delgado

Photos by Joey Bautista (City Hall PIO)
Written and Narrated by Gerky Valesco (Chairma, Committee of Education)

This Project is supported by
Malcolm Garma (Regional Director, DepEd-9)
Local School Board, Members and Staff

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