Hong Kong Day 1 #Ced26atHK

It has always been a life goal of mine to travel the world. And now I officially have my first travel outside the ASEAN. Me and my travel buddy, Jotie, decided to book for our tickets when there was a promo fare. We chose my birthday week so I can celebrate it outside the country for the first time.

This is my 2nd trip abroad, after my Vietnam-Cambodia adventures with my closest friends #mekmek. I'm super excited to welcome my 26th birthday in Hong Kong!

We arrived at Hongkong on August 10 and Jotie's aunt welcomed us at the beautiful airport. We stayed in a flat of her Filipino friend at the heart of Causeway Bay near the Times Square. I really enjoyed commuting in their underground trains but most of all, I love the city and the places that we visited there.

My first glance of Hong Kong!

A train inside the airport?! Awesome!

Arrival area. Got our baggage!

With Jotie's aunt, Aunty Tata, who fed us with her home-cooked pasta and chicken after our delayed flight.

Mixed media art at the Arrival area. Cool!

A preview of HongKong through art and photography at the arrival hall going to the exit. Cool!

Double decker bus to bring us to the city. They have a unified system using an "Octopus" Card which is a reloadable card account which you can use for buses and trains. Awesome!

Front seat at the 2nd deck. Cool view from here!

Our view of the street from the Airport to the city. So amazing streets!

The next day, we were set to go to Ocean Park. Bt wehen we got onto the bus, we realized that we forgot our tickets for Ocean Park. So we went back to the apartment. After we got the tickets, we already got hungry so we stopped at a restaurant and had brunch.

Hong Kong-style roasted pork and steamed chicken for brunch. Delish!

Brunch selfie!

Authentic street resto for brunch

We're finally here! Hello Ocean Park Hong Kong!

Bought rain coats cause it's raining! Time to explore Ocean Park!

Riding the cable car from Aqua City going to the Marine World

Breath-taking view of the Aqua City from the cable car


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Epic mountain side selfie from the cable car.

We're now at the summit.

Marine World view from the Ocean Park Tower

Marine Park with the Hongkong mountain side at the back

On board the Ocean Park Tower for a 360 degree panorama of the park a hundred feet in the air. So awesome view!

We missed the dolphin show but took the opportunity to selfie with the empty ocean theater.

All about the great whites.

Face to face with a shark.

Mango Sundaes for dessert! A taste of home!

On board the huge ferris wheel. Amazing view!

Going up!

Awesome dolphin show at the Ocean Park Theater. First time to witness one! Although i'm kinda against using animals for entertainment, but this was just specacular.

Dolphins at Ocean Park 😍🐬 #travelHK #HerngKerng #Ced26atHK

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Sea lion doing some awesome acting!


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Coolest park!

So many penguins! First time to see so many of them in one place! They swim jet-fast!

At the Rainforest Expedition Trail

Time to go back down the Aqua City. They have a train that goes through the mountain! I love the style too!

Inside the steampunk train going back to Aqua City!

Awesome steampunk train station!

Hello Panda! So cute while sleeping 🐼😍 #Ced26atHK #Panda #HerngKerng #travelHK #wanderlust

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Time for the Grand Aquarium!

Amazing corals like a set design in Finding Nemo!

Into the blue. #oceanparkHK #wanderlust #travel #asiatravel

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Awesome bottom view of the Ocean. Dreamy!

Final selfie at the Aqua City Lagoon before we leave Ocean Park. It was a great tour! Up next: Hong Kong musical lights show.

Sadly, we got lost and only reached the last few seconds of the light show :( But it's ok. Let's Carpe this Diem!

You sailed my heart today ⛵😍 #Ced26atHK #travelHK #HerngKerng #worldtravel #wanderlust

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Postcard perfect!

Asia's World City 😍⛵πŸŒƒπŸ― #Ced26atHK #travelHK #HerngKerng #worldtravel #wanderlust

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Selfie moment with this beautiful view of the HongKong Skyline

It was a surreal moment being there. I only see this is TV and now I'm seeing it live. #Blessed

Portuguese Galleon ship up close. Tourist can actually ride it and have a cruise by the bay.

The Iconic Hongkong skyline at night.


We're back at the city! More closer to the buildings. This ferris wheel reminds me of MOA :)

Commuting. Underground walkways connecting train stations. I wish we had like this in our city.

We're back at the Time Square area. Shopping mall, bright lights, big city!

Life size toys in display at the Times Square Mall

Time to eat! HongKong street food for dinner! Yum!

Eating assorted fried goodies at the Times Square. #goals

Close-up of our dinner. Our tummies got really full!

Selfie at the Times Square before we hit the sack. It was a great first day of our trip!

Check out Day 2 of #Ced26atHK as we explore Macau here. Thanks for reading!

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