Hong Kong Day 3: Disneyland #Ced26atHK

August 12, 2016 - The big day has come and what better way to celebrate my 26th Birthday than to fulfill everyone's childhood dream, to go to Disneyland! Waah! For months, i've been looking forward to this very day, and now I'm here! Special thanks to my travel buddy, Jotie, for making this a reality. Some of my favorite highlights of our Disneyland Adventure were the 4D Experience, "It's a Small World" ride, Jungle cruise adventure, the Lion King theater show, the Float Parades and the Grand Fireworks at Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It was the most magical day of my life! So here's how my day went.

From the flat, we went to Disneyland via the BTS train. Rocking some skulls #ootd

Going up to the Disneyland entrance

We're finally here! Hello Disneyland!

Freaking cool sculpture! Mickey surfing on a whale!

I suck at GoPro.haha

At the Main Street. At right side is the Animation Academy. I regret not going inside :(

At Mickey's Philar Magic where we watched the 4D show.

4D Experience. I love the "Be Our Guest" segment of Lumiere where we can literally smell champagne and feel the splash of water in our faces. Awesome experience!

Dropped by the souvenir store. Enough with the skulls! Im rocking Mickey now! #ootd #cliche

Dumbo rides

Aurora's castle

Time for some rides! First up: It's a small world! featured in Tomorrowland movie

One song in different languages! We're now at Europe..

Hola! Un PequeΓ±o Mundo!

North America

Our very own, Philippines! Look at that cute Tarsier

The centerpiece of Disneyland, Aurora's Castle of Sleeping Beauty. Found this spot where there are no photo bombing tourists.

Once upon a dream...

Time for the Flights of Fantasy Parade.

Beautiful Disney Princesses πŸ˜πŸ‘‘πŸ° #Disneyland #Ced26atHK #travelHK #worldtravel #wanderlust #disney

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First time to enter a castle!

Time to watch another theatrical show, Festival of the Lion King.

Simply Spectacular!

Music, Dance, Costumes, Mascots! Everything is on point!

Photo op after the show!

The Mystic Manor. One of my favorite buildings in the park. Too bad we didn't have time to do the ride inside this haunted house.

Geyser at the Grizzly Gulch

At the old western town called "Grizzy Gulch"

Now I know how it feels like to be a toy. Welcome to Toy Story Land!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant rides for kids! Cutie!

If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true πŸ’•πŸ°πŸ’Ž Cinderella's Carousel. Magical!

Star Wars!

Off to the moon!

On a raft crossing the river towards Tarzan's treehouse.

Exploring the treehouse

A man-made treehouse just for Tarzan!

Beast's castle at Pandora's garden

Floor tile mosaic of Cinderella's magical shoe. Unlike her carousel, dress and the animals who turned back to its original form, the shoe didn't change when midnight came because it was a gift from the Blue Fairy.

Cinderella's Castle

Welcome to Tomorrowland, a place where anything is possible!

Aurora and Prince Philip at dancing in the middle of the Royal Banquet Hall. Time to feast!

My birthday dinner! Well, actually this is Jotie's. I had ramen :)

My childhood right there!

Facing outside the castle. It's getting dark! Time for the Lights Parade!

Tinkerbell leads the Festival of Light parade!

Selfie while waiting for the next float...

French masquerade ball dancers in illuminated costumes. Their hair are glowing too!

#LightsParade #Disneyland #Hongkong #wanderlust

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Happy kid right here...

Toy Story!

It's time for the grand finale, the Disneyland Fireworks show at Aurora's Castle!

Happily Ever After #Hongkong #hongkongdisneyland #HK #wanderlust

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10th Year Anniversary of Disneyland. #HappilyEverAfter #nofilter #Hongkong #disneylandHK #hongkongdisneyland

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What a fun day! We're at the Main Street lined with souvenir shops in vintage architecture.

Western feels

Back at Times Square. Cheers for my birthday!

Tale as old as time.. This day was undoubtedly the best time of my entire childhood! A quarter of my life has passed and all I feel at the moment is gratefulness. Thank God for this wonderful life, this amazing experience and to everyone who supported and loved me throughout my life. I'm forever thankful for God's blessings. To God be the Glory!

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