Masskara in Bacolod

We had so much fun in Bacolod in the past days. We had our nature adventure in Mambukal, discovered the heritage sites in Silay and Talisay, and explored Bacolod's best highland resort, Campuestohan. For my last post about our trip in Bacolod, we will take a look at the art of Massakara festival, the most colorful festival in the City of Smiles.

The MassKara Festival, a popular celebration that traces its beginnings to the early 1980s, is a fun-festival held every October by locals in Bacolod.-Philippines Travel Hub

Bacolodnon's exhibit their exquisite craftsmanship and artistry in the mask-making competition hosted by a local mall.

Details of Chinese-themed mask entry

The term Masskara is created from two words: mass, meaning crowd, and the Spanish word cara, for face; thus the double meaning for "mask" and "many faces".-Philippine Country

Mask decorations and souvenirs sold in the streets

The Provincial Capitol of Negros Occidental at Bacolod which followed Daniel Burnham's Beaux Art style.

We visited the Capitol Park and Lagoon. One of the features of the park are matching sculptures depicting a woman standing alongside a water buffalo and that of a man pulling another water buffalo. These sculptures are located at the northern and southern ends of the lagoon. These figures were executed by Italian sculpture Francesco Riccardo Monti who also did the sculptures of the Metropolitan Manila Theater and the University of the Philippines - Visayas Iloilo campus. Guillermo Tolentino also contributed as a sculptor of the figures.-Wiki

Negros, being the sugar capital of the Philippines, boasts it's delectable pastries and cakes. Calea is one of the most recommended cafes in the city.

British feels in Calea

Cheese cakes and coffee!

We visited the mask workshop of Jojo Vito, famous for his masks souvenirs and trophies.

At the workshop

At the Manokan Country where you can taste the best chicken inasal. We ate at Aida's.

The best Chicken Inasal ever!

Electric Masskara displayed at Calea

Even though we don't get to watch the street dance competition, we're happy to have a preview of the costumes at Robinsons Mall. These are the costume designs from the Barangay contingents

Souvenirs at the Negros Showroom

For decades, Bacolodnons have mastered the craft of creating these colorful and sparkling mardi gras inspired costumes.

Brgy. Banago's flamboyant costume design eventually won the award for Best Costume design. Beautiful!

I also love the costume design of Brgy Granada. They won the street dance competition for many years now.

Too bad we won't stay long enough to watch the costumes in motion. We will surely come back and watch the actual street dance performances. For now, we're off to our next stop: Iloilo!

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