Powder Photography

The Seed Interactive team had our very first corporate photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. We had our portraits in formal and semi formal wear. We also used this opportunity to take some creative shots which we really wanted to do before. We were inspired by Mehmet Turgut of deviantArt with his exceptional photography, especially his creative shots. One of our concepts is to capture an dramatic portrait with nothing but powder. It really reminded me of a famous Hindu colorful festival, Holi, where people threw colored powder and water to one another. I wish we had these colorful powders but it may be a little expensive so we used a kilo of flour instead. It was hard to capture the shots that we wanted but we had some nice shots, too. So here are the photos of our first ever creative photo shoot. Btw, i am one of the models here. XD

Visit and like our FB page to see more of our photography. More photos to come in the next few weeks.
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