Instant Noodles Crew Compilation

One of my favorite bboy crews ever in ABDC. They auditioned last season but didn't made it to the cut. This season they came bigger and better with their experience in other competitions like the USA Hip Hop Internationals where they placed 4th. The group consist of 6 bboys originating from Taiwan. They are Chuck, Mikey, Rob, Charles, Geo and Arthur. At the beginning, they got negative feedback but the got better each week which really impressed the judges epecially bboy judge DTrix of season 3 champions, Quest Crew. My favorite performance was during the Black Eyed Peas week. So here's the compilation of their performances in America's Best Dance Crew where they really showed what bboys are made of and how talented they are.

Week 2 - Ke$ha "Dirty Picture"
Week 3 - Black Eyed Peas "My Humps"
Week 4 - Katy Perry "Firework"
Week 5 - Rihanna "Hard"
Week 6 - Justin Bieber "Runaway Love"

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