ABDC Season 6 Winner is I.aM.mE!

americas best dance crew season six 6 winner champion iammeThe results are out, and just as i thought, I.aM.mE is the winner. They are the only crew who brought originality, creativity and fun each and every week. I.aM.mE is also the first champions coming from the south and the first crew with both boys and girls coming from different backgrounds. They really did their best in every challenge and song given to them like "S&M", "Meet me halfway", "Peacock", "Moment for Life" and "Somebody to Love."

Im a big fan of I.aM.mE. In fact they are my favorite crew and they really made this season a good one. I even made these digital art of their final performance, Ill-emental.Too bad they have to be with the Iconic Boyz in the top 2 which is no competition if we're talking about dance and not popularity. It would have been so much hard for I.aM.mE to compete with ReQuest crew or Phunk Phenomenon.

So, i would like to congratulate I.aM.mE and all the fans. They really showed that they are champions by meeting up to the challenge every week and showing their identity at the same time. They are the only crew who impressed me every single week, killing it everytime. Keep on Inspiring, Motivating and Energizing! Thumbs up!

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