My Fortress

Here's my latest digital artwork. Just a simple piece inspired by double exposure photography. Hope you like!

There is a yearning in me, I am woman;
Broken by the tears I've shed, for those
Who have a place inside my heart.
Yearning, yearning greater still with age;
A feeling that I missed something along the way,
Whilst living life and meeting needs,
What seeds did I not sow, that should
Bear fruit now I am older?
All I could do at times,
Was keep my head above the waves
That sought to drown me;
To just keep swimming
All against the tide of life
And hope that love had found me.
When I was young, so easy
To relate and give myself.
But scarred by true reality
And scorn for all my trusting .......
In isolation now I dwell,
Protecting innermost, the child within,
Still crying out "It's me, I'm here"
But not so you can hurt me.
And so along the way, I built
A fortress where no one can be
But me.

Click on the digital art to see the credits.
Poem by Lyn
©2011 CSZ97
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