Melvin and Julpha SDE

In this SDE, the couple would like to use "Marry me" by Train. It's a little overused so we added a twist on it. I also tried to add another level in the editing by giving a little retro color touch-up. More effects means additional time in rendering. Good thing the machine was fast enough for us to reach the deadline. I edited it a couple of kilometers away from the reception area (from Canelar to Regency) so we have drive as fast as we can just to catch up. Usually the program starts at 6 and the video is played around 8 or 9 before the couple's message. However, the program started at 5:00 which means i have 1 hour less time to include the entrance, first dance and ending clips. The program went very fast, we have to be there by 6:30. If we wasted a second or minute we could have not played it. Thank God we made it. I really love how it appeared on the screen (which was huge). The projector really gave justice with the "HD-ness" of the video. Anyways,i'm just happy that we pulled it off. Kudos to the team! And here's the video...

Videography: Jan Santos, Ryann Elumba, Johnery Toribio, Love Bulaay
Editing: Cedrick Zabala
Coordinator: Roberto S. Bondoc Jr.
Lights and Sound: Audiotech
Flowers: Pattimae's
Music: Marry Me by Train
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