Who am I?

Have who am i identity project you ever asked this question to yourself? It is easy to describe a person based on their qualities and appearance. But when it comes to ourselves, we find it hard to answer the question. Who am I? How would you start describing yourself? Well, during my college days i encountered this dilemma. When our psychology teacher asked this question to the class, the room became silent. There are just too much things about ourselves that we can tell to people. So, the teacher made it an assignment for us. At home, i started to make a list of things about me. After doing it, i had a realization.

I never really saw myself as another person before. I always judge people and observe their every actions but i never really saw myself the way i think about other people. When someone asks me who i am i always give them obvious answers. I am a student, I am a christian, I live in Zamboanga, I have a sister and two brothers, etc. But i never describe my personality especially the negative ones. We tend to see our positive sides only and try to cover up those imperfections or flaws of our being. And there's nothing wrong with it. Who would actually introduce their self negatively? So, in this assignment of ours, i realized how important to do a checklist of ourselves once in a while. We should accept who we are and try to change for the better.

So, below is the list that i made a few years ago about myself. And as you go deeper to the list you'll see the real side of me. The things that you'll never see in the facade and the things that i think i am. Click read more to see the whole list.

Who am I?
Psych 102 – D
February 16, 2009

• I am an individual
• I cannot live without my family
• I am a Christian
• I am independent
• I am introverted
• I am intuitive
• I am objective and logical
• I am an artist
• I am a dancer
• I am creative
• I have a strong imagination
• I love organizing my stuff
• I want to be a professional graphic artist
• I am resourceful
• I don’t have vices
• I am a lefthander
• I am a fast learner
• I love strategic games
• I do not play online games (eg Dota)
• I am not techie
• I love swimming
• I love eating
• I value my body
• I wish I have better eyesight
• I am intelligent
• I could be very very lazy at times
• I could sleep in a boring class unintentionally
• I am a perfectionist
• I have an eye for detail
• I am a shy person
• I am not a good speaker
• I do what I think is right
• I am geeky
• I am difficult to know well
• I can be insensitive sometimes
• I prefer to work on my own
• I am calm
• I am not aggressive
• I am hardworking
• I am afraid to fail
• I am future-minded
• I prefer to spend my money for food than anything
• I keep silent when I have strong emotions
• I use to over think things
• I am helpful most of the times
• I express myself through art
• I love travelling
• I love my homeland
• I never spoke Chavacano with my family or friends
• I do not read a lot (novels, essays, news)
• I am workaholic
• I am chocoholic
• I do not pretend
• I am not vocal about myself
• I am self-conscious
• I could be OC sometimes
• I am not amused by hardcore or metal songs
• I do not pick friends
• I am not very social
• I do well in my major subjects
• I am weak in subjects that don’t interest me
• I am open-minded
• I could be humorous
• I enjoy my course
• I am a student-leader
• I am sensitive to what others say about me
• I hate backstabbers
• I dislike irrational people
• I like people who could speak to me first
• I can be very loud in the presence of my friends
• I am understanding
• I am trustworthy
• I think I had my toughest year during my 3rd year in high school
• I never experienced fighting (physically)
• I am humble
• I am thankful for everything that happens in my life

Now, i challenge you to make your own list. It may be difficult in the beginning but you will really see yourself through other people's eyes and realize all of your strengths and flaws. You should accept yourself no matter black, white or beige. Coz you we're born this way baby.:D

Credits to ValeriaDurden for the first photo "Identity Project".

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