On Sunsets, Long Exposure, and Planets

March 12, 2010. We had a video shoot at the Blue Beach resort late in the afternoon. Thanks to the power outage courtesy of Zamcelco, i was bored to death so i played with the camera. I tried to take photos of the shore and seascapes in low shutter speed (long exposure) to have that dreamy effect. Here are some of my takes. More after the jump.

Eerie dead plant in twilight colors:D

Meet the most popular tree in wedding photos.

It was getting dark so I amped the exposure to 15 sec. Lovely colors :D

In long exposure, the sea becomes foggy and dreamy.

This is a plane passing by in 13 sec exposure

It wasn't completely dark yet but I noticed these two stars that were very bright. I framed the two stars and also took a long exposure photo of it. Seems like they were the only stars in the sky.

Few days after, i learned in NatGeo's website that those two stars are actually the planets Venus (right) and Jupiter. The two planets seem to line up in the sky, which scientists call a conjuction. The conjuction of the two planets was at their closest last thursday (March 15). I just realized that i took a photo of the event days before. Now, you look at the sky from 6PM to 8PM you can still see these bright stars, i mean planets, straight up until they set on the west.

Finally, here's a photo of the dark sky. Failed to set the focus. XD

Anyways, here are more photos of the conjuction i found in the net. Awesome stuff!

The stars lean down to kiss you
as i lay awake and miss you...

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