Zamboanga Bloggers Meetup with Sun Cellular

March 29, Lotus Restaurant, Astoria Hotel - Sun Cellular Senior Manager for Digital Marketing Services, Mr James Lim invited the Zamboanga Bloggers for a dinner. Mr Ryann Elumba, Shine de Guzman, Patricia, Klei, Meryl, Jolas and I were present. Sir James shared with us the good news that Sun Cellular has to offer in Mindanao. As they are expanding their coverage, Sun is also strengthening their network coverage in areas like Basilan, Tawi-Tawi, Sulu, Zamboanga and the rest of Mindanao.

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Me, Shine, Ryann Elumba, James Lim, Meryll, Pattie and Klei

Sun Cellular has also recently partnered with Smart Communications as you can see in their recent advertisment featuring one of my favorite songs "Collide." Three big networks team up to give all their subscribers one gigantic offer that is unmatched in the industry! The new Trio 20 call and text promo underscores the power of convergence as Sun Cellular joins the PLDT Group, paving the way for products that give the best possible value for your money by connecting you reliably to 65 million people! If you’re a Sun, Smart or Talk ‘N Text subscriber, just text TRIO20 to 2477 to avail of this latest product.

sun cellular mindanao coverage zamboanga bloggers digital marketing
If you find it hard to look for a sun signal, you can change the setting of your SIM to access the Smart signal. But no worries Sun has intensified their signal in Mindanao. Sir James also suggested the Postpaid Plan of Sun Cellular. So what's new with the postpaid plan? For only Php250.00 per month, subscribers to this new postpaid plan includes unlimited Sun-to-Sun texts, four hours of Sun-to-Sun calls, 500 texts to other networks plus a free Samsung E1080 phone. This plan is perfect for those who want to enjoy unlimited texting and still be able to call their friends and loved ones from time to time. Also with the generous allocation of texts to other networks, this plan will also attract those who want to stay in touch but do not want to spend too much. For more info, visit

Isn't it awesome? Switch to Sun now and get the most out of your budget! Here are some photos during the meet-up :D Thank you so much Sun Cellular for the swags!

Dinner time :D

Free Sun Broadband kit with SIM and P100 load (3-day unlimited Internet)

Me and Meryll with our freebies :D
Saw Ate Grace in Paseo and joined us :D Yummy Knicker Bocker. Better than Magnum.haha

Passed by Fort Pilar before parting ways. Thanks Sir James and to all the bloggers who gave time for this meet-up :D Hope there will be more events like this in the future. For now, imma enjoy my Sun Broadband kit ^_^
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