That Style: Charcoal on Paper

Last friday, we had a prenup shoot at the Butterfly Garden. My fellow bloggers, Rhea and Patty were there, too, to be the stylists for the first time. While waiting, we took shots for our look for that day. For me, im on my casual look wearing a googley eye graphic shirt, slim-fit dark pants, and my favorite artwork sneakers where i tweaked the shoelaces. It was so hot so i brought my dad's vintage ray-bans. That's it! Hype on Lookbook :D

 ~ Graphic Shirt
~ Slim-fit pants Penshoppe
~ Sneakers Artwork
~ Aviator Shades Ray-ban

And here are some behind-the-scene photos during that day.

Rhea's accessories

Me during break and during work. :D

Pattie and Rhea ^_^

Reyn and Murphy trying out some accessories.. haha

Close enough..

Thanks Rhea for the photos :D Check out her blog post here and Patty's post here.

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