Princess Carlyle @ 18 as Barbie

This is one of my favorite debut teasers so far. Princess is also a regionalian like me and is currently studying at Siliman University. The concept of this video is mainly about having fun, being young and breaking free.

But to achieve that we placed a lot of effort in putting her inside the box. We created a simple set at their home with a white backdrop. Then I added the graphics in after affects. We also included her school affiliation but still being cheerful and fun. So here is Princess in her debut role as Barbie. :D

Elvin Event Management and
Seed Interactive Multimedia Production present
Princess @ 18 as Barbie
Astoria Plaza

COORDINATOR Elvin Sagun / STYLIST Geronie Labora / HAIR AND MAKEUP Mena Montecarlo /
VIDEOGRAPHERS Kier Alleks Tucay, Murphy Garcia, Reyneh Senados / EDITING Ced Zabala

The first 10 years of a girls life is spent playing with barbies,
the next 10 years are spent trying to look like one. 
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