Digital Art: Croissance

At last, my creative juices are flowing and i finally created a personal work. Its been eras since my last digital artwork and i've been busy in editing videos and layouting albums. I was encouraged to do this when i was cleaning my bookshelf. I stumbled upon the literary folios (Marejada) that we published during my college days. As i was flipping the pages, I remembered those years when i was still a student...very idealistic, creative and free. It was nostalgic looking at every artwork and photo which brought memories of the little old room in NCB, working after class to compile the inspiring works of the students of Ateneo.

~Then, I looked at myself now. It seems that i've lost that fire that i used to have during the days. Im in the real world now and it's not about creative freedom and what i want. It's about practicality. It's about satisfying others and getting paid so you don't have to ask money to your parents. You have to learn how to be independent and grow as a person outside the classroom. Most of the knowledge you gained in school won't be that necessary anymore because what matters most is that you get through all the challenges that life throws at you. I've been working for two years already and so far it has been a great ride when it comes to career. But as an artist, i've been digging my own grave and almost drowned out the breath out of my head. I almost forgot how to speak my own mind. But now, i finally find that feeling that i used to have when i made my earlier works. It's like rising from the ashes and coming out of the world that boxed my unique perspective in life. Somehow i feel that little kid inside me has awaken and has been brought back to life.

Croissance by csz97

Well, i know someday, that little kid inside me will become a man. A man with who is not afraid to speak out his mind. A man who is independent and matured enough to balance out the most essential things in life. Someday, i will be someone, but now i have to grow.~

So, as I was flipping the pages of the book, i finally reached the back cover. It was like a journey through memory lane. I remembered graduation and chosing what i will be doing after it's all over. I remember working, and working... and a lot more of working. I snapped out of that fantasy and realized that i was still cleaning my bookshelf. I have more work to be done today and more people to satisfy. But still i am inspired. Inspired to finish my work today and do something different after work. To do what i love most: to express, to be me.

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