Christine at 18 SDE

Just like what Katy Perry said on this song, "that was such an epic fail", this video was one of them. No, i'm not talking about the party, im referring to the onsite video that I wasn't able to finish on time. :( Which means it was a no-show. Due to miscommunication, we estimated that we will still have enough time to render after the dinner. But the programme was cut short since there were no 18 treasures.

I already prepared the first part of the video the night before and all i have to do is include the details and highlights of the event. But, things just turned bad one after the other. Well, these things happen and i surely learned my lesson. On the brighter side, the party went well and they really enjoyed it. :D Christine is on her prettiest look and she really rocked the night away. Let the video show you what happened that night.

~ C R E D I T S ~
COORDINATOR Elvin Sagun / LIGHTS AND SOUNDS Sure Audio Professionals / DESIGNER Al-Shamer / HAIR & MAKEUP Mena Montecarlo / DANCERS Unidiversity Street / PHOTOGRAPHERS Ulyson Petilla, Rhea Bue, Patricia Tan / VIDEOGRAPHERS Johnery Toribio, Alleks Tucay, Nazer Enriquez / EDITOR Ced Zabala

...Oh well!
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