7 Deadly Sins of Pop and Cartoon Network

Wah! Found this awesome stuff in facebook. I just have to share it. It's the 7 deadly sins represented by famous pop singers. Madonna represents Pride, i guess she's very vain and thinks high of her self. Britney is for Sloth maybe because she has nothing to do with her life coz she got it all, fame, money and glory. Lady Gaga is definitely Envious, she has insecurities due to her past but she sucessfully overcome it by revealing her Gaga world. Christina Aguilera is the most obvious, Lust. When she was just starting she was so girly and cute, now she turned into a mature but dirty girl. Her hits, i think, has a subliminal message (like "Come on over baby"). Rihanna is for Wrath because of what happened to her (refer to "Rude Boy"). Mariah is for Gluttony maybe because she's like to devour a lot. And last, Beyonce, the diva, for Greed. Her songs talks about gold-diggin, like "Put a Ring on it", "I need them bags, uh, that money", etc..

I also made by own version of the 7 deadly sins which i already had in mind before i saw the photo above. This is the 7 deadly sins of Cartoon Network where different cartoon characters represent the 7 sins. Bloo is for Pride because he is so arrogant and thinks he's the best imaginary friend ever. Courage is for Sloth because cowardice is also a form of sloth. Princess is for envy because she wants to be a powerpuff girl. Sedusa is for Lust because she uses her sex appeal to lure guys. Mandy is for wrath because it seems that she is always angry. My ever favorite Chowder is for gluttony because his world revovles around food. And last, Eddy for Greed, coz he's, well, greedy. :D

Don't forget to comment! If you have other 7 deadly series/collection in mind, don't hesitate to tell me :D

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