A part of my childhood is dedicated to pokemons. In our elementary days we used to be addicted to anything that is pokemon. From the show itself to any collectible possible like pogs, trading cards, toys and even computer games (emulator). My first encounter to pokemons is not on TV. We are solid kapamilyas and the show is aired in the other network. We in the fourth grade and the show became a hit. After class my classmates were playing a game where everyone is a pokemon and they were battling in the room. I joined the game but i had no idea what pokemons are. They assigned me to Charmander whom they described as a little fire breathing dragon. It was really fun battling with them, acting like monsters with super powers, knowing each others strengths and weaknesses without any idea what pokemons are. Since then, i became addicted about the show which airs every friday night. Now, i barely watch it in Cartoon Network but still i regularly look for updates. Recently, i was browsing deviantArt and i found super cute artworks of pokemons. The last one is a great 3d model of different types of pokeballs. So enjoy the set and don't hesitate to share some of your thoughts, experiences or comments about pokemons..

Click the images for full view. Credits goes to the artist, so just check out who they are in the links.

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