Trebor Z AudioVisuals

If you talk about videography in Zamboanga, you might be talking about this company. They are Zamboanga's finest in terms of videography for events. Our team have worked with them for the past few weddings that we covered and its such a great pleasure to be with them. They only do videography so our photography is paired with them (usually if the other known photographers are not available). Anyways, they offer a full video coverage for events including audio visual presentations especially their Onsite presentation (SDE) . They have to be the best in onsite videography which is at par to well-known videographers like Jason Magbanua. Their works are sure to be of quality and it is, of course, supported by quality equipments, too. Their edge among the local videographers is their high-end equipments like crane, glider and high definition video cameras with led  lights. Their team is also very skilled, artistic and very professional. So for those who have events here in Zamboanga, and if you want your memorable occasions to have a quality coverage, look for Trebor Z and book them someone books them. And don't forget Seed Interactive for your photography and if you want, videography needs too! :D Anyways, here is a sample of an on-site video presentation of Trebor Z.

For more samples, visit their blog, or Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

i have known and worked with robert zapata and i attest to his artistic capability and positive attitude towards work.. not only on his gears is he superior but his desire to learn and up his work makes him a force to reckon with among the videographers in this part of the country..

no air.. just plain down to earth..

go bert!

Cedrick Zabala said...

i totally agree with that. they're just an inspiration to newbies like us. a testimony that we can do it too here in zamboanga. and very humble too..hats off to them and all people who has passion like them..

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