Designer Vocabulary

Statisticians always use the words population, sample, data, average, mean, conclusion, variance and of course, statistics. Meanwhile, culinary artists use french words in their everyday jobs like a la carte, creme, crepe, cuisine, petit (small), blanch (to bleach), sauté (fried over high heat), fondue (melted), purée (crushed), flambée (burned). Every field has its own set jargons that is vital to their careers. Like statisticians and culinary artists, designers (graphic desingers, web developers, couture, interior designers, architects, etc) also has their commonly used vocabularies. Here is a typographic artwork that gives some designer lingos.

I can really relate to this artwork because there is no day that i don't use the word "design." But what struck me most is the last word, "passion." Since the beginning of my journey of being a newbie designer, i always keep this word in my mind and my heart. Everyone should have a passion, a thing that you love to do and will bring you to greater heights. Sometimes we make mistakes (see what i mean?), which will turn us down and sometimes make us want to give up. We should have a backup fuel that will fire our spirits and stand up and pursue what we really want in life, and that is Passion. A statistician may have a margin of error, a culinary artist may not be a cordon bleu (master chef), but what is important is that we should pour all our hearts in what we do and just enjoy life. :)

credits to Imagic182 of deviantArt for this awesome work.

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