When & Ann Coffee Table Book Preview

So this is my 3rd graphic coffeetable book that i laid out for a few days because of my tight schedule. The couple here is When and Ann who were the first couple who had digital art for their prenup with the butterfly concept. I already finished the 20-page book but im still waiting for it to be proof read, and when i say page i meant spread (according to the printer). I used floral/ornamental designs with palettes of pinks, purples and reds. I also incorporated some illustrations and dreamy artworks like Van Gogh's starry night, and some Si Scott inspired vectors. So here's some sneak peak of the coffeetable book of When and Ann. Coming soon...

Credits to Jan Santos and Ryann Elumba for the photography and deviantArt for the resources that i used in making this book. You can see my second coffee table book / story book layout here.

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