Work and Logos

Wow, i cant believe it's july already! It's 3 and a half months that i have been part of Seed Interactive. I really love my work coz i can really apply what i studied for four years in college. Every week has different suprises from me. Sometimes i have projects dealing with motion graphics and the next day i become an lighting assisant for a prenup. It's really fun dealing with different clients and using different softwares. This week we had a prenup photoshoot which is really tiring. I also did audio mixing for a nursing class for their acquaintance party presentation, watched eclipse (which is okay, but i should've watch Toy Story 3) and i also designed logos for some orgs. The first one is a logo for ADZU's ROTC which is an program which trains students in military science and tactics. :D The second one is for the Engineering Society.

As i end this week, i gotta have a rest. My right wrist is aching a lot for weeks now and i don't know what this is. Tomorrow i will visit ateneo to see the opening of csitaolympics. I hope they will pull it off!

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