Pre-nuptial Digital Art

12:33 AM
I think this the first time that a couple had digital art for their prenup instead of the usual photography. The couple is Edwin and Ann who wanted a concept for their photoshoot about butterflies. So we took the photos in Abong-Abong's Pasonanca river and some shots were taken at our office. I post-processed the photos turning them into fantastic portraits depicting butterflies and their metamorphosis. The story is about finding their way through love, binding and growing together until one day they will mature into beautiful beings, facing the world together. I think this is first prenuptial digital in Zamboanga city since i have not seen anything like this before. I know traditional photographers will not like this but i believe it's the time to accept digital art or "heavily edited/composited photography" as they call it. We have to move on and be different, right? So it's my pleasure to have an opportunity to be the forefront in Prenup Digital Art, i suppose :D. The couple already saw the photos and I'm glad that they liked it. Credits to Joe Harris for the direction and styling, Kuku for the makeup, Ryann Elumba for the photography and deviantArt for the stock images. Enjoy the set!

More photos in the Facebook page of Seed Interactive. :D

EMPEP Logo Design

9:02 PM
In my previous post, i compile the different logos of the local government offices of the Philippines. I was researching about logo design for this assignment. I was asked to create a logo for Exodus Mindanao People Empowerment Program Inc. or EMPEP. From the name of the organization itself you can imagine what the program is about, so I think I don't really have to elaborate about it. They gave me their rough sketch of what they wanted the logo will look like. Here is its:

So I made a vectorized version of this one and came up with this:

Then, I also created my own version which is still incorporated the elements from their design. (Click read more to view)

The client finally went to the office a while ago and checked out the design. They like it but they still have to consult their boss for approval. I hope the boss will like it. Drop some comments if you have some ideas, suggestions and comments. I will appreciate it! :D

Logos of Philippine Executive Branch

1:05 AM

I have a logo assignment recently and i was browsing the net for some research on logo designs. I can't find a site where i can see and compare the different logos of the government units of the Philippines so i can get some idea on how to create a more filipino like logo for my assignment. So i decided to look for the logos or seals of the departments and compile them in this post. Hope it helps! :D

Department of Agrarian Reform DAR Seal Logo
• Department of Agrarian Reform

Department of Agriculture logo
• Department of Agriculture

Department of Budget and Management Seal DBM logo
• Department of Budget and Management

DepED Department of Education Logo Seal
• Department of Education

Department of Energy logo
• Department of Energy

Department of Environment and Natural Resources logo
• Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Department of Finance logo
• Department of Finance

• Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of the Interior and Local Government logo
• Department of the Interior and Local Government

Department of Health DOH logo
• Department of Health

Department of Justice logo
• Department of Justice

Department of Labor and Employment logo
• Department of Labor and Employment

Department of National Defense logo
• Department of National Defense

National Economic and Development Authority logo NEDA seal
• National Economic and Development Authority

Department of Public Works and Highways logo DPWH seal
• Department of Public Works and Highways

Department of Science and Technology logo
• Department of Science and Technology

Department of Social Welfare and Development logo
• Department of Social Welfare and Development

Department of Tourism logo DOT seal
• Department of Tourism

Department of Trade and Industry
• Department of Trade and Industry

Department of Transportation and Communications logo
• Department of Transportation and Communications

Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas logo
• Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Khai and Joan Coffee Table Book

2:08 AM
his is my 2nd storybook layout that i worked for a couple of days. The motif is magenta/fuschia pink but i want to give it a classic but stylish look. I used ornamental styles with a combination of gold and brown with grungy, arabesque textures. This is a Muslim wedding held at the Lantaka by the Sea. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga's Alejandro Music Video

10:51 PM
Check out Gaga's latest music video. Here it is!

Here's my take on Lady Gaga's new video. When i saw the teaser, i knew i wouldn't like it. I thought Gaga has finally revealed her true identity, a dark, scary, satanist, blasphemous, illuminati puppet who uses music to control the minds of the people. I know many facts about her especially the conspiracy theories surrounding her whole identity. When i watched the video, I was not dissappointed at all. I liked it, actually. I remember how i used to like her not only because of her "junkfood" music, but also because of her passion for her art. All of this is made for art. As long as you know the symbols and hidden meanings, you will really appreciate her. If you are ignorant and narrow-minded, im sure you will really hate her especially with this video. But like all the little monsters who loved gaga, i don't care what you think about her. You can say that im one of them who is mind-controlled by her music but there is more about her music and visuals that made me a true fan of her art.

Anyhow, i came across the web and read some articles and reviews about her latest hit. Here are some shocking scenes that you can see in the video:

1.) Soldiers In Drag!
2.) Gaga Goes Steampunk: "Arcanum" meets "Predator" meets David Bowie's "Outside"?
3.) Gaga Smokes A Pipe: That's just a stunt pipe, right Gaga?
4.) Gaga As A Nun: A nun who likes LATEX!
5.) Gaga Gets Into Bed: Hot like Mexico! Bad Romance indeed!
6.) Bedtime For Gaga! Because Gaga is sick and tired of you borrowing her heels without asking!
7.) Strategically Placed Signifiers: She's wearing white vestments and has crosses all over the place. You do the math.
8.) More Crosses: Is this Gaga as the Virgin Mary? The mind reels with overt hagiographic symbolism. At this point I'm also positive Gaga's read The Handmaid's Tale.
9.) Gaga Swallows A Rosary.
10.) The Crucifixion Of Gaga?

Here are more of the links that you can read about her video:
20 most shocking scenes about the Lady Gaga's Alejandro video
Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" Video - Guide to its Madonna references.
Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" is not just a Madonna homage: the Counter Point

Rock and Soul

1:20 AM
I always liked the 70's. The music, the clothes, the sunflowers, the spirit and colors! It's the hippie era and the people back then were just laid back, cool, and funky! Anyways, today is world environment day so i was inspired to create a digital art. I wanted to incorporate the 70's style so i came up with this. It's all about music and nature. The title is Rock and Soul, which i got from a popular hippie music back then. Click for full view. Enjoy!

Supernova Dreams

1:31 AM
I want to dream big but sometimes i know i just can't coz it seems impossible. i don't have the capacity to be a great person, im not a socially-gifted guy who can befriend anyone who meets on his way and im not that intelligent nor smart enough to decide on my own. im too independently dependent. i cant be on my own. im used to be spoon fed and im too lazy sometimes. i have dreams that i cant imagine. im scared to be very attached with those dreams coz i might fail and disappoint myself or others. im too pessimistic sometimes to dream big maybe because im used to live a simple life. contentment is a word that i don't really understand. can i be rich and successful but at the same time simple? what is a simple life? is it bad not to be simple? I have dreams way bigger than what people think i can be. i want but can i?

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