Erwin and Cathlean Wedding Trailer

Aside from the movie posters for Erwin and Cathlean's Prenup set, we also made a trailer/prenup video for their wedding. The theme is Oscars night and the couple themselves star all the movies. We shot all the clips in one location in just a day. We posted it in our facebook page and it reached more than 70 likes already. We are so happy to have this opportunity of making a unique and creative wedding trailer. This is really one of my favorite video production so far. Here's the video and hope you like it, too :D

Location: Zalo's Point, Rotary Rotonda in Camins
Videography: Jan Santos

Editing: Cedrick Zabala
Directing: Ryann Z. Elumba
Wedding Coordinator: Elvin Sagun
Make-up: Roy Fernando
Wardrobe: Geronie Labora

Edited in Adobe Premiere.

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