Review 1.3: Roopaantar (Metamorphosis)

Genre: Drama / Surreal / Folktale
Type of Animation: Cut-out Animation
Radha Pandey







"Roopaantar" (Metamorphosis) is a stop motion animation created using wire frames and paper cut-outs. The story has been adapted from a Japanese folktale, (translated by Rafe Martin) called Green Willow. It is about a lonely guy who meets a girl formed from the leaves of a tree. He learned to love him but one day the girl saw the deforestation in the mountains. She fell and turned back into leaves.

The story is environmentalist and it aims to show the importance of nature. Man can't live without the lush trees which supplies us from our clothing, to our food, and for our protection. The girl symbolizes mother earth who withers whenever we destroy the environment.

On the technical side, I really admire this animation because it chose to use paper cut-outs instead of using tons of paper for frame by frame 2d animation. It does not only show the side of the story but also the creativity and resourcefulness of the animator. It may have a poor character animation but the heart and the intention makes the film worth watching.

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Radha Pandey said...

thanks for your review. Im glad you liked the anim. It was months of hardwork. Also, I'd like to add, all the paper used is made from cotton t-shirts, and not trees.

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