Review 1.2: The Piano

Genre: Musical / Drama
Type of Animation: 3D
Creator: unspecified - Aniboom







"The Piano"
is shows an old man playing a dramatic piece while reminiscing and telling his story to his grandson. The song used is Comtine D'un Autre Ete: L'apres Midi. While playing the piano, he remembers his wife sitting beside him, enjoying the melody, and one with the rhythm. She faded away after a sweet last kiss. Afterwards, he remembers his life as a nurse soldier and seeing death before his eyes. And last, his childhood when he recieved a gift. He opened it and saw a horse stick. He played with it and before the song ended, he became a little boy who was his grandson. The boy sits beside him and ends with both of them playing the last note of the song.

The story shows the life of the man. How he exprience love, death, and life. The little boy represents the continuity of life. The transition of the old boy to the young grandchild shows how their life are similar. Playing the last note of the song symbolized the connection of the two characters. However it leaves the viewers a question, since the boy is the continuation of the life of the grandfather, how will the he play the piano (How will he live his life)? Will it be a sad song or a joyful one?

The setting is in a dark place where the man and the piano is spotlighted while conveying the story. The lighting sets the mood of sadness filled with high contrast of lights and shades. The character animation is quite stiff and awkward like the scenes where the soldier falls in the ground. However, the package is very good.

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