Review 3.1: Animation Shorts Folio

The video is a compilation of short animation that was created by joehumps during his college days. This includes a variety of mediums including stop motion, clay, flipbook, cut-out and sand.

1. Title: Desktop Crime
Type of animation: Stop Motion

This is a short story about a pencil and eraser who had a conflict. The pencil "killed"the eraser and was caught by the police "stapler". He ends up being prosecuted by the sharpener. It is a very simple story that incorporates creativity and imagination. The animator used everyday stuff to convey the story.

2. Title: Penelope's Snooze
Type of animation: Cut-out

This part used a portrait of a model and hand-shaped cut-outs. It was surreal and psychedelic which is portrayed by the use of music and color. It used strobe lights to heighten the suspense. There were hands crawling all over the face which gives a macabre feel. The end was comical where the portrait opens its eyes when the hand pinches her nose.

3. Type of animation: Sand Animation

The author says that this is a "bunch of stuff that morphs and eats each other and stuff --- and a sea lion." Yeah, a sea lion. The description was just funny and the animation was experimental. It was a good try though.

4. Title: Death (by a balloon?)
Type of animation: Flip Book

This type of animation is very hard to execute and it requires much patience, skill and timing. The story was about a kid who had a balloon and flew with it. He popped the balloon and fell on the ground, cracking his head.

5. Title: You asked for it
Type of animation: Clay animation

This is a comical scene about a clay animator and a clay character. The cute character is asking for food and the animation gives him a burger. But the character was asking for more and it angered the animator. He ends up being squashed. It was funny and the sound was quite impressive.

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