Review 2.5: The Turnip Boy

Genre: Storybook / Fiction
Type of Animation: 2D Animation
Creator: David Pietila







"The Turnip Boy" is a story that has a moral lesson. It is about a boy who radioactively mutated into a turnip and lived in the plantation of a couple who had no child. He wished to parents so he courageously entered the house and introduced himself. The couple welcomed him warmly and offered him dinner. The dinner was also turnip and he struggled. He thought that if he refuses to eat, he will not be accepted by the couple. He ate the turnip for the first time and realized that it was not that bad. He realized that a little sacrifice won't harm him. There are always first time for anything.

The film was not complicated and the story is very simple. It did not really impressed me because of its quality. The effects were poorly executed and it looks very amateur and the music does not give the mood of the film. It was very lengthy and it was boring.

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