Holy Week 2011

It's already the holy week and the whole country is paying tribute to Jesus's last days to his resurrection. As you can see below, I made an OBB for the airing of Sky cable's coverage of the 7 Last Words. This week is a symbol of God's love to us when He finally let's His Son die in behalf of our sins. This week reminds us of the greatest story ever told which is the sacrifice of Jesus to redeem us from our sins and finally release the Holy Spirit for us to enjoy the life-giving Spirit. Here's a link about the 7 last words of Christ :D

Anyways, i grew up as a "born again" Christian so i have no knowledge about the traditions during the holy week. All i know it's a national holiday and people go vacationing.hehe. Yes, i know it's the week when Jesus was crucified, died, and resurrected, but we believe it's just a made up date that the Catholics did just like Christmas. But recently i just realized that these traditions are really good because it reminds us of the story. Yes, its not the actual date but i now i realize how nice it is to have a special week every year to dedicate this momentous occasion in our history, in our lives. And just like holy week, it is also the essence of Christmas. Although they are just made up dates, the real essence of these days is the commemoration of the highlights of Jesus's life. The dates symbolize the birth and death of Christ whose existence roots from God's love for us. So let us all celebrate the greatest thing we have on earth - God's love.

Do check out my holy week post last year. Just click on the easter egg above :D

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