Ceejei ♥ Jemy Prenup

Last time i posted here their onsite video which is retro inspired. We actually shot some of the clips during the prenup session and you can see two sets here, the Vintage and Lifestyle sets. I really liked the photoshoot and i really enjoyed in assisting/directing them. We started at a location which is a joy to be there. Its like going back to the past with a modern touch. They have everything vintage, telephones, chess sets, chairs, clocks, and more. Then, we went to Tsokolate located near the City Hall and Paseo del mar. It is a restaurant with also lots of vintage collections. One corner has a jukebox with vinyl records on the wall, guitar, microphone stand, old radios and a lot more. You can see them in the photos. So here the photos, and dont forget to click view more to see the rest of the album. :D

Vintage Set

Lifestyle Set

Photographers: Ryann Z. Elumba, Jan Santos
Assistants: Cedrick Zabala, Abigail Nebrija, Carissa Cartagena
Make-up: Hyper Trend Salon
Wedding Coordinator: Roberto S. Bondoc Jr.
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