Two Hundredth

Can't believe i'm up to my 200th post! Hooray! For pro bloggers, it's just a month of blogging but for me, it took me..uhmmm.. (checking my very first post)... 4 YEARS just to reach to this point. Well, i'm not really a good writer so i try my best to post something every now and then. My first post was about the Evolution of Digital Video posted last 11/22/07. I was a second year IT student back then, and we were asked to do our assignments online by posting it in our personalized blogs. High tech di ba?! Yes, our course is so cool we don't even have to waste paper for our reaction papers and home works.

We were required to maintain our blogs by writing reviews about short animated films in Youtube just so we can write something there. After all the requirements, just like any other student who hate home works, i stopped writing. Then, i attended this seminar called Blogging 101 where i learned many stuff about blogging which really regained my interest in blogging like monetizing through ads. I was really hooked up with the thought of gaining money using ads, i just blogged all day. But unfortunately, my account was suspended due to some issues. I wanted to have my account back but they won't allow me. Disappointed, i lay low in blogging again.

However, I still post stuff in this blog whenever i find inspiration or whenever i want to express things that i can't say in plurk or facebook due to posting limits and privacy. Yes, my blog is public but not everyone reads it.hehe. So i don't really advertise this blog intensively. I just let the people read it on their own risk. :D There are tons of secrets, experiences, rants, happy things, and a variety of nonsense that only my readers (if such exist) have the honor to read it. A part of my life is embedded in this blog since there are things better written than said.

So for this 200th post, i want to shout out a BIG thank YOU for being part of this journey of mine! To the blogging community who inspired me in writing and the writers who i look up to, thank you for being there giving a little spark in this dark abyss of mine which i call blog. And of course to the people who likes and comments in my blog which gives me a sense of company. I really feel appreciated for being a blogger whenever people does simple things like this. So again, thanks and see you in my next posts!

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