Ice & Jeddy Prenup Sessions

Ice is Malaysian and Jeddy is a Filipino. They both worked outside their country and met at the company where they are working. They decided to have their wedding here in Zamboanga. For their prenup, we made three sets with different themes highlighting various locations and styling. They were married last March 28, 2011 at Astoria Regency. Click on the name of the set to view more. (More sets after the jump)

Tourists in the City
Location: Plaza Pilar, Boulevard, Lantaka Hotel

Location: Lantaka Hotel, Azenith Hotel

Cooking Couple
Location: WMSU Culinary Room

Photographer: Ryann Z. Elumba
Creative Director: Joe Harris Kari
Make-up Artist: Wadrayna Jukuy- Dimafelix
Assistants: Lovely, Cedrick Zabala
Location: WMSU College of Home Economics
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