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Last February i was interviewed by a masscom student for their magazine project. I'm not sure if they published the mag because i have not heard of her afterwards. They asked me about my career and future plans. So i just want to share my answers which really help me ponder about things. You can also see some of my photos from the photoshoot i had. :D

1. What is/are your field/s of expertise?

Multimedia. It includes graphic design, photography, desktop publishing, web development, video production, digital illustration, game development, animation and more. But if i were to choose one, i would like to have a career in Animation.

2. How and when did you encounter this/these certain field(s)? How did you improve your skills?
When i was choosing a course to take for college, i would like to take up something that is related to visual arts. I chose Ateneo's IT course because of its digital animation program which is related to the two things i am good at, visual arts and computer. I thought that i would only be doing animation but since Multimedia is incorporated in the course, i was also exposed to do graphic design, photography, web development, programming and more. Aside from academics, i also joined Beacon News magazine where i learned how to layout newspapers and magazines. I became the creative director / layout artist for two years. I also attended conferences and seminars outside the school to further develop my skills.

3. How does excelling in this field affect you in general? What lessons have you picked up?
Since this is my chosen career, i always strive to keep myself updated. The creative field is an ever-evolving field where there trends and styles are changing constantly. In this field I cannot study creativity and talent is not enough. So to be good at it, I should have the initiative and resourcefulness to learn how create something that is good and original. I also learned that patience is really important in this field.

4. What drives you to continue on pursuing this field?
It is really my passion to be a good artist whether it is for graphics, layout, or animation. This is also my way to express my self so i always keep on creating something on whatever medium i have.

5. What are you currently busy with?
I am busy with my job as a multimedia artist in our business. I am also maintaining two blogs csz97.blogspot.com and cszdoodles.blogspot.com.

6. Back when you were still studying, what were your initial plans for the future? Does it have a connection with the field/s you’ve chosen in question #1? Please explain.
When i was still studying i didn't have plans. I was already working part time and i knew i already have something that i can do after college. I was working freelance as layout artist for school magazines. I also edit videos, design and print posters and shirts. I also had the chance to be an instructor for seminars and classes like the summer art classes of the ADZU Gallery. It served as my OJT where i picked up my skills in communication and business. Then during my last year in college we decided to make a real working business in the city. Since then i started working even before graduation.

7. What opportunities were you able to encounter with the help of your chosen field?
There were lots of opportunities that i had in this field. I learned so many things about the industry and met many people that inspired me to be better. I also gain a little amount of money with my part time job and experienced real-life work. Perhaps, the best opportunity that i had was to use and develop the talent that was given to me.

8. How did you get involved with Seed Interactive Multimedia Production? Please explain.
Seed Interactive Multimedia Production is a multimedia company envisioned by Mr. Ryann Elumba. He was an instructor in Ateneo who developed the new BSIT curriculum which is focused on Multimedia and Animation. He was our teacher for the major subjects and he basically thought us everything in Multimedia. In 2008, he resigned in Ateneo to pursued Seed Interactive. He chose me and some of my classmates to work part time in his business. Since then, it is our group that runs Seed Interactive.

9. What is your role in this business?
Currently, i am working as a Multimedia Artist and also serve as a part owner of the business. Our projects are mainly photoshoots for events, fashion shoots, event coverage, and several design and layout works for advertising materials. I don't do photography but i often serve as creative and lighting director whenever we have photoshoots. I do post-processing works, some animation, and onsite editing.

10. Do you have any other work aside from Seed Interactive?
Aside from the work in Seed Interactive, i also serve as a layout artist for one of the best photographers in Zamboanga. I also do special projects like motion graphics for companies and tv shows.

11. Do you have a personal motto or belief that you use to achieve your goals? What is it?
It is not really a personal motto but it is my favorite one. "Let your passion fuel your soul." I like it because I feel that life is like a car and passion is the fuel that propels us to do our best in every endeavor.

12. What are your plans for the future?
I would like to continue my studies or work abroad. I would like to take animation or design courses or work in production houses, design firms or animation studios. For now, I will finish all my current commitments and, hopefully, look for bigger opportunities soon.

13. What are your current goals? How do you intend to fulfill them?
My goal for now is to move forward and learn more. After serving for a year in Zamboanga, i want to look for opportunities maybe in Manila where the industry truly is. I want to learn more in this field by being there and experiencing the work atmosphere. I want to discover which field i can really find myself in the next years.

Credits to Seed Interactive for the photos :D

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