Morales-Beron Reunion 2011

On saturday, our family will be attending the 2nd grand reunion of the Morales-Beron Clan (from my maternal grandmother's side). It was about 4 years ago since our very first reunion which was held at Basilan. There was just too many people i we don't know how to get to know each one of them. Good thing each family made their family tree charts. It's just bizarre to see the charts thinking that all of those people rooted from only one couple, my lola's parents. Of course, as the graphic designer of the family i was in charged in designing our family tree. You can see it below :D

It looks complicated, right? I used different background colors for the different families just so you know. And as you can see the queen in the upper middle has three kings.hehe. Palaban talaga ang lola ko. I made this in 2007 and now there are more members in this family tree already. Actually were not that close to the families in the red, orange and green background so who knows how much members are not accounted yet.hehe. Maybe i will get to know them on Saturday. :D

Anyways, we have been preparing an intermission number for the coming reunion. Last time we didn't prepare so Wella and I danced our pop dance routine. Now rest assured many of us will dance and sing. We chose Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are (Glee Cast version). I hope we can pull it off *crossing fingers*. I'm also excited to see our shirts which i designed. I made three designs and the first one was chosen. The design was given to the families and everyone will print them on their own. So here are my designs :D

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