Chad ♥ Cathy Pagkawin

Pagkawin is the traditional Tausug wedding which traditionally takes place at the homes of the bride and groom. Everyone has their best looks on for this momentous occasion. Traditional musical instruments are played and food is overflowing. They start with the preparations at their respective homes showered with the prayers and blessings of their family. Then, when everyone's set, the groom's family heads to the bride's family offering serenades and exchange gifts. During the kawin, the elders and religious leaders share words of wisdom to the people specially to the groom. Then, the groom and the imam seals the deal through a pact of manhood. With the acceptance of the bride's family, the groom heads to the bride where they will be together for the first time as a couple. They will be sharing their first meal together and the celebration goes on. Here is an AVP of Chad and Cathy's Pagkawin.

Wedding coverage by Seed Interactive Multimedia Production
Videography: Jan Santos
Editing: Cedrick Zabala

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