Pearl Harbor Inspired Prenup

12:56 AM
Reynold Roy and Suzette works for the navy. We had the photoshoot at the WesminCom in a real war ship. Then, we composited the photos like the Pearl Harbor posters. You can see their prenup set in my previous post here. Also check out our past navy inspired prenup here. Hope you like :D


7:36 PM
More personal works :D "Everything turns to paint with her touch..splat splat splat..."

Click on the image for the stock credits :D

Ceejei and Jemy Wedding

1:32 AM
Here are the wedding photos of one of our loveliest couples. I posted their onsite video here. More photos after the jump :D

Official Photo and Video Coverage: Seed Interactive
Photography: Ryann Elumba, Jolas Dizon
Onsite Video: Jan Santos, Cedrick Zabala
Videography: Johnery Toribio, Mark Lee
Coordinator: Roberto S. Bondoc Jr.
Lights and Sound: Wild Bluez Mobile
Flowers: Patti Mae Flower Shop

My Fortress

12:39 AM
Here's my latest digital artwork. Just a simple piece inspired by double exposure photography. Hope you like!

There is a yearning in me, I am woman;
Broken by the tears I've shed, for those
Who have a place inside my heart.
Yearning, yearning greater still with age;
A feeling that I missed something along the way,
Whilst living life and meeting needs,
What seeds did I not sow, that should
Bear fruit now I am older?
All I could do at times,
Was keep my head above the waves
That sought to drown me;
To just keep swimming
All against the tide of life
And hope that love had found me.
When I was young, so easy
To relate and give myself.
But scarred by true reality
And scorn for all my trusting .......
In isolation now I dwell,
Protecting innermost, the child within,
Still crying out "It's me, I'm here"
But not so you can hurt me.
And so along the way, I built
A fortress where no one can be
But me.

Click on the digital art to see the credits.
Poem by Lyn
©2011 CSZ97

ABDC Season 6 Winner is I.aM.mE!

2:22 AM
americas best dance crew season six 6 winner champion iammeThe results are out, and just as i thought, I.aM.mE is the winner. They are the only crew who brought originality, creativity and fun each and every week. I.aM.mE is also the first champions coming from the south and the first crew with both boys and girls coming from different backgrounds. They really did their best in every challenge and song given to them like "S&M", "Meet me halfway", "Peacock", "Moment for Life" and "Somebody to Love."

Im a big fan of I.aM.mE. In fact they are my favorite crew and they really made this season a good one. I even made these digital art of their final performance, Ill-emental.Too bad they have to be with the Iconic Boyz in the top 2 which is no competition if we're talking about dance and not popularity. It would have been so much hard for I.aM.mE to compete with ReQuest crew or Phunk Phenomenon.

So, i would like to congratulate I.aM.mE and all the fans. They really showed that they are champions by meeting up to the challenge every week and showing their identity at the same time. They are the only crew who impressed me every single week, killing it everytime. Keep on Inspiring, Motivating and Energizing! Thumbs up!

Brittani Kline is America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Winner

11:54 PM
This cycle may not be my most favorite cycle but i'm surely happy of the results. Brittani started as one of the best models showing her best walk and proving she can take good photos. She is a high fashion couture type of model who could also do runway and commercial. Cameras are always on her for being so outspoken about her feelings towards the other girls, which led her to trouble. One of the most dramatic scenes in top model history is when she walked out the panel due to a panic attack. Good thing she composed herself and faced the judges and apologized. She landed in the bottom 2 that week and was saved. The weeks after, she showed her professionalism and proved that she could improve her attitude. Tyra even said that she's proud of her.

Her optimism, quirkiness, and unique asymmetric beauty led her to the top. Her photos, commercial, and walk was enough for the judges to make her this cycle's winner of ANTM. She truly inspires people to strive hard. From the trailer park to the covers of Vogue Italia, Brittani proved that passion, perseverance and hardwork will help you achieve your dreams... Check out the photos of Brittani before and during of ANTM. More photos after the jump.

Photo of Brittani and Hannah by photographer Pamela Hanson, stylist Lori Goldstein.

Eco-friendly Couture dress by Filipino designer Michael Cinco.

Photoshoot at Marrakech, Morocco with photographer Michael Woolley.

Brittani is the newest Covergirl

Finalists Molly and Brittani with their new look for the finale.

Is it just me or all Filipino ANTM fans are all betting for Brittani? She posted this photo in her facebook page stating that "I reached 5K fans today and the majority of my fans are (1,805) from the Philippines, while only 1,376 are from the United States. Way to go Pinoy's for taking the number one spot!!! Salamat sa pagiging pinaka mabuting fans na pwede kong mahingi!!!♥ But come on America??? What happened to my home country...Thanks to all of my other beautiful fans as well. You're all equally awesome."
--We love you too, Brittani!

More of her preshow portfoilio here. Photo credit: Christopher Gabello / Smak Parlour
And you can also check out her facebook page here.

Gothic Digital Art for Prenup

12:41 PM
Here's our latest digital art for a prenup. More after the jump :D

Beacon Newsmagazine

9:05 PM
Oh, how i miss my college life :D One of the highlights of my stay in ADZU is being part of the official school publication, Beacon Newsmagazine, for three years. I started as an assistant layout artist. I haven't done so much during my first year coz the creative director does all the job.hehe. There are only 3 activities that i attended during my first year in Beacon: the first staff meeting (orientation/getting to know); the team building overnight; and the christmas party. It was the last year of our creative director and I was the only one next in line to be the layout artist. During the end of the school year, I had my first real task in Beacon, which is to design the posters for the upcoming Marejada, the literary folio of Beacon.

Ate MR was the EIC of Marejada and she was the one who suggest and approves my poster designs. I was still a noob in Photoshop and i have to rely on tutorials to create some effect i want to make. The theme of the literary folio for that year was "7 Deadly Sins". Before the presswork, I met kuya Flix, the former layout artist/creative director of Beacon. We became close friends and he helped me in making the layout. With much revisions and editing we finally finished the folio and we came up with this:

And that's how i spent my first year in Beacon. During the second year, i made it to the editorial board and became the Creative director with Ate MR as our EIC. It won't be hard for me anymore since i already experienced working with her before. At first, we really find it hard to layout because of our slow computer. I used to do press works alone at the animation lab. Here's the first magazine that i finished all by myself.

I still used the old look of Beacon which kuya Flix designed. You can read the whole magazine by clicking on the images. We also had special issues every year in a form of newspaper or 4-6 page magazine. It's usually about the Sanggu Elections, or the achievements of ADU. Here are the two special issues:

For my second big issue, we decided to change the size of the magazine from it's "k-zone" size to a full "time magazine" size, and the publisher who tricked us. The previous contact person who we thought was the owner of the publication was just a middle man. We also got a new and better computer so the office became useful again. We do the press works at the office late at night which are really fun. The EIC, some editor and I stay late to do the layout. My most favorite part is the food! I can have whatever dinner i want. Usually, its the Chowking Laureat. :D hehe. Anyways, going back to the next issue, here is bigger and better newsmag.

And for the last issue, we did more changes. We used an illustration for the cover and we added more colors and fun into it. Here's my last issue for that year.

My last job was to layout Marejada with ate Jilly as EIC and ate Raisa as Assoc Editor. The theme was "Memories" and we had a photo shoot at an old house in the city. 'Twas a nice literary folio full of vintage images and nostalgic poetry and stories. You can see a clock animate if you flip the edge of the book. :D

For my third year, i was still the creative director/layout artist and Ate Jilly as EIC and Ate Raisa as Assoc Editor. We had more graphic artists, photographers and cartoonists. For that year, i decided to change the entire feel and look of the newsmag to make it edgier, graphic and trendy. My favorite issue was the October issue. I made a digital art for the cover about culture, music and arts. That issue was dedicated for the Fiesta Pilar and the arts. Here are the issues for that year.

Unfortunately, i had to leave beacon coz i ran for a position in the student government. It's in the rules that a beacon member should not also be a member of Salt, Sacsi or the student government, SMADZU (now El Consejo Atenista). I ran for Governor of our college academic organization (CSITAO). Good thing, i was allowed to do my last job for beacon which is again to be the creative director / layout artist of Marejada.

This is my third consecutive year in Marejada as the creative director with Ate Raisa as EIC. The theme was "?". I designed the cover inspired by surrealism. It was the best folio published hard-bound. It was our masterpiece and final work since Ate Jilly and Ate Raisa are also leaving beacon. Here's the cover:

It was the final golden days of Beacon. The next year the office just plummeted. Weak leadership, weak foundations, disorganized, and a lot of issues are coming out against the office. If my count was right, they only published 2 issues for the whole year. Accordingly, the budget was reduced by the president himself that's why they cannot publish as much issues unlike before. But for me money should not hinder them to produce an output. They can always go to less expensive publications and invest more on what they write and the substance of the articles.

Anyways, good luck to the next batches of the Beacon Newsmagazine. For me it was a nice experience to be a part of Beacon. It is here that i developed my skills in layout and design. Beacon published my works and many noticed it. Thanks to all the people whom i had the pleasure of collaborating and working with. I will never forget the memories and experiences. :D
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