Cubico - Tongawan Nuptials

7:25 PM
Here are some of the photos of the wedding ceremony of When and Ann. If you saw my previous posts, they were the couple who had the first digital art for their prenup with the butterfly concept. I also posted my layouts of their coffee table book. Their wedding is one of my favorites because of its simplicity, solemnity and very genuine, which is very ironic because their prenup is very extreme and creative. The bride is the focus in the event and it is my first time to see the couple reserved a special time during the wedding ceremony for their parents. They gave their heartfelt thanks to their parents and a simple gift for them. Though i was just a spectator, i was really touched by this. Anyways, here are the photos and there are more photos after jump.

To see the full album, click here.
Full Credits:
Photography: Ryann Z. Elumba, Jan Vincent Santos (Seed Interactive Multimedia Production)
Album Layout and Animated Backdrop: Cedrick S. Zabala
Videography: TreborZ Audio Visuals
Couture: Joe Harris Kari
Hair/make-up: Kuku Jimeno
Floral Design: Patti Mae Flowershop
Events Styling: Joe Harris kari Events and Event Styling
Cake: Limtel Collections
Sounds & lights: Wildbluez Mobile System

Digital Voice: Graphic Design Freedom Wall

12:26 AM
Manila Design Week 2010 is calling for participation for this graphic event for student artists and graphic designers. Its called Digital Voice, where student will be able to participate and interact in a live graphic design wall and exhibit. It will be held at Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati on August 12, 2010, 4PM. The task is to create digital artworks that speaks about progress, positivity, and advocacy. Deadline of registration is on August 6, 11:49 PM by sending your artwork via email. On the day of the event, artworks must be personally be submitted. They will be printed along with the artworks of other student artists and designers. Also, a series of Poster Design seminar will be conducted by SHIFT mentors (School of Intermedia, Film and Television). The Top 5 artworks will be awarded. For more details about Digital Voice, you can download the forms here. And for more info about the Manila Design Week, you can visit their facebook page here.

Aaron's Transformer Birthday

11:06 PM
My nephew Aaron Justin celebrated first birthday last sunday, July 25, 2010 at the Aristocrat Chinese Restaurant, Camins. Seed Interactive covered the event. Here are some flicks. Full album will be posted soon! More photos and full credits after the jump.

Event - By Gems Party Kingdom
Photography -Vincent Arnuco (Seed Interactive)
Videography - Johnery Toribio (Seed Interactive)
Graphic Design - csz97 (Seed Interactive)

BJ and Manis

2:40 PM
Here are the photos from the wedding of BJ and Manis. They are also the couple who had the retro prenup which i posted here. Credits to Jan Santos (Seed Interactive) for the photography, and I did the post-processing too. More photos after the jump. Click for full view.

To view the whole set, visit the FB page of Seed Interactive here.
Full Credits:
BJ and Manis Nuptial, July 11, 2010
Marcian Garden Convention Center
Officiating Imam: Ustadz Zakaria Omar

Event Management: Joe Harris Kari Events and Event Styling
Event Floral Design: Buds and Blooms by Melanie Lim/ Joe Harris Kari Events and Event Styling
Photography: Ryann Elumba and Jan Vincent Santos (Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions)
Editing: Cedrick Zabala (Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions)
Videography: TreborZ Audio Visuals
Couture: Arnold dela Cruz
Cake: Arnold dela Cruz
Hair/MUA: Simon Mustapha
Entertainment: Elvin Sagun

No way! :D

1:08 PM
I'm so ecstatic today! someone called and gave me a good news. :D i recently joined a national contest and the jury chose my design. i can't believe it! the awarding is on november and i have to find a way to go there. any sponsors?! anyways i cant reveal what it is but i have no words to describe how i feel about it. its really something for me. thank you GOD for everything. this day is great! :D

Manila Design Week 2010

2:22 PM
Here's the schedule of this year's Manila Design Week 2010 on August 7 to 13, 2010. All events are free except for Graphika Manila and Cut & Paste.

MANILA DESIGN WEEK 2010: Design Everyday
07-13 August 2010

Co-presented by: Manila Beer, Power Mac Center, Bratpack

DAY 1:
Graphika Manila 2010
Saturday / 07 August / 9 am - 6 pm / SMX Convention Center
Wall Lords
Saturday / 07 August / 1 pm - 8 pm / The Collective
MDW Kick-off Party
Saturday / 07 August / 9 pm - 12 mn / The Collective

DAY 2:
Cut & Paste
Tuesday / 10 August / 8 pm - 2 am / The Collective

DAY 3:
Fashion Night: What's in your bag?
Wednesday / 11 August / 7 pm - 10 pm / Fashion Walk Greenbelt 5
Fashion Night After Party
Wednesday / 11 August / 11 pm onwards / Encore

DAY 4:
Student Day: Digital Voice - Graphic Design Freedom Wall (More Details..)
Poster Design Seminar and Launch of Big Shift
Thursday / 12 August / 4 pm onwards / Glorietta 5 Ayala Center, Makati

DAY 5:
Music Night: Manila Sound Vision
Friday / 13 August / 4 pm - 1 am / Cubao X
Launch of five music videos of Urban Dub, Up Dharma Down, SinoSikat?, Greyhoundz, Razorback by Big Top Media and First Academy of Arts
Musical Performances by: Imago, Techy Romantics, Gaijin, Taken by Cars, Sandwich and Juan de la Cruz.

reference: MDW facebook page

Designer Vocabulary

1:26 AM
Statisticians always use the words population, sample, data, average, mean, conclusion, variance and of course, statistics. Meanwhile, culinary artists use french words in their everyday jobs like a la carte, creme, crepe, cuisine, petit (small), blanch (to bleach), sauté (fried over high heat), fondue (melted), purée (crushed), flambée (burned). Every field has its own set jargons that is vital to their careers. Like statisticians and culinary artists, designers (graphic desingers, web developers, couture, interior designers, architects, etc) also has their commonly used vocabularies. Here is a typographic artwork that gives some designer lingos.

I can really relate to this artwork because there is no day that i don't use the word "design." But what struck me most is the last word, "passion." Since the beginning of my journey of being a newbie designer, i always keep this word in my mind and my heart. Everyone should have a passion, a thing that you love to do and will bring you to greater heights. Sometimes we make mistakes (see what i mean?), which will turn us down and sometimes make us want to give up. We should have a backup fuel that will fire our spirits and stand up and pursue what we really want in life, and that is Passion. A statistician may have a margin of error, a culinary artist may not be a cordon bleu (master chef), but what is important is that we should pour all our hearts in what we do and just enjoy life. :)

credits to Imagic182 of deviantArt for this awesome work.

Cinemalaya 2010 Winners

8:39 PM
First of all, i would like to congratulate my fellow Zamboangueno, Sheron Dayoc for winning Best Director (for New Breed Full Length) for his film Halaw, which also won Best Film in this year's Cinemalaya held from July 9-18, at the CCP. The film's lead actor, Mr. Jon Arcilla, also won Best Actor.

Cinemalaya is a competitive all digital film festival that aims to discover, encourage and honor the cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers and seeks to invigorate the Philippine film industry by developing a new breed of Filipino filmmakers. Cinemalaya is a presentation of the Cinemalaya Foundation, the CCP, Film Development Council of the Philippines and Econolink Investments. After the jump, you can see the full list of the winners and performers of Cinemalaya 2010 (which i got from the facebook page and website of Cinemalaya 2010).

Audience Choice:

Directors Showcase: Two Funerals by Gil M. Portes
Shorts: "P" by Milo Tolentino
New Breed: Magkakapatid by Kim Homer Garcia

NETPAC Award: Sheika by Arnel Mardoquio


Best Editing: Chuck Gutierrez for Pink Halo-Halo
Best Production Design: Aped Santos for Donor
Best Cinematography: Arvin Viola for Two Funerals
Best Supporting Actor: Tirso Cruz III for Sigwa
Best Supporting Actress: Carla Pambid for Donor
Best Screenplay: Enrique Ramos for Two Funerals
Best Actor: Baron Geisler for Donor
Best Actress: Meryll Soriano for Donor
Special Jury Prize: Two Funerals by Gil Portes

Awards for SHORTS:

Best Screenplay: Harang by Mikhail Red
Special Jury Prize: "P" by Milo Tolentino

Awards for NEW BREED:

Best Sound: Albert Michael Idioma for Rekrut
Best Original Musical Score: Emerson Tecson
Best Editing: Lester Olager and Chuck Gutierrez for Mayohan and Halaw
Best Production Design: Syrel Lopez and Ivan Zaldarriaga for The Leaving
Best Cinematography: Dan Villegas for Mayohan and Rommel Andreo Sales, Jr. for The Leaving
Best Supporting Actor: Emilio Garcia for Rekrut
Best Supporting Actress: LJ Reyes for The Leaving
Best Screenplay: Paul Sta. Ana for Mayohan
Best Actor: Jon Arcilla for Halaw
Best Actress: Lovi Poe for Mayohan
Special Jury Prize: Sampaguita by Francis Xavier Pasion


Best Director: Milo Tolentino for "P"
Best Film: Wag Kang Titingin by Pam Miras


Best Director :: Gil Portes for Two Funerals
Best Film :: Donor by Mark Meily


Best Director: Sheron Dayoc for Halaw
Best Film: Halaw by Sheron Dayoc

Performances at the Awards Night

"The Way You Look at Me" by Christian Bautista
"Muli" by Dingdong Avanzado
"Yakap" by Ogie Alcasid
"Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin" by Lani Misalucha
(encore, a capella) Con Te Partiro

Cinemalay 2010 Jury:
Jose Javier Reyes, Ricky Davao, Joselito Zulueta, Ishizaka Kenji, and Italo Spinelli.

Again, congratulation to all winners and finalist of this years cinemalaya. I'm really looking forward for their visit here in Zamboanga so we can watch them here, too. Talking about film festivals im pondering on whether to join or not this year's Animahenasyon, the Philippine Animation Festival, which will be held in Ateneo de Naga University. I hope i can come up with award-winning entries, too.hehe.

7 Deadly Sins of Pop and Cartoon Network

1:25 PM
Wah! Found this awesome stuff in facebook. I just have to share it. It's the 7 deadly sins represented by famous pop singers. Madonna represents Pride, i guess she's very vain and thinks high of her self. Britney is for Sloth maybe because she has nothing to do with her life coz she got it all, fame, money and glory. Lady Gaga is definitely Envious, she has insecurities due to her past but she sucessfully overcome it by revealing her Gaga world. Christina Aguilera is the most obvious, Lust. When she was just starting she was so girly and cute, now she turned into a mature but dirty girl. Her hits, i think, has a subliminal message (like "Come on over baby"). Rihanna is for Wrath because of what happened to her (refer to "Rude Boy"). Mariah is for Gluttony maybe because she's like to devour a lot. And last, Beyonce, the diva, for Greed. Her songs talks about gold-diggin, like "Put a Ring on it", "I need them bags, uh, that money", etc..

I also made by own version of the 7 deadly sins which i already had in mind before i saw the photo above. This is the 7 deadly sins of Cartoon Network where different cartoon characters represent the 7 sins. Bloo is for Pride because he is so arrogant and thinks he's the best imaginary friend ever. Courage is for Sloth because cowardice is also a form of sloth. Princess is for envy because she wants to be a powerpuff girl. Sedusa is for Lust because she uses her sex appeal to lure guys. Mandy is for wrath because it seems that she is always angry. My ever favorite Chowder is for gluttony because his world revovles around food. And last, Eddy for Greed, coz he's, well, greedy. :D

Don't forget to comment! If you have other 7 deadly series/collection in mind, don't hesitate to tell me :D

When & Ann Coffee Table Book

12:58 PM
Here are some of my selected pages of the coffee table book that i laid out for the Wedding of When and Ann. More pages after the jump. Enjoy!

To view the entire set, click here.
Credits to deviantArt for the resources.

Photography: Ryann Z. Elumba, Jan Vincent Santos (Seed Interactive Multimedia Production)
Album Layout and Animated Backdrop: Cedrick S. Zabala
Videography: TreborZ Audi Visuals
Couture: Joe Harris Kari
Hair/make-up: Kuku Jimeno
Floral Design:Patti Mae Flowershop
Events Styling: Joe Harris kari Events and Event Styling
Cake: Limtel Collections
Sounds & lights: Wildbluez Mobile System
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